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There is no real philosophy until the mind turns round and examines itself. Gnothi seauton, said Socrates: Know thyself.
–Will Durant, The Story of Philosophy

This is my website. Finally getting it organized and up there. When I landed on the Internet started, not to long after it was opened up to the general public, I remember thinking that hypertext seemed like a great way to capture the way my mind worked. Over the years, I have had a couple or more websites, and with the advent of Web 2.0 tools the excuse for not doing a proper job of it becomes even less defensible. So here goes!

I am a social, business, and technical communicator based in the San Francisco Bay/Silicon Valley Area and involved in communications projects both here and around the world.

View Sabahat Ashraf's profile on LinkedInMy professional interests include Web 2.0 and Social Media; Business Communication, Marketing & Branding; as well as user-focused communication and product design. I have named three Silicon Valley companies (including one that was acquired and another that is a major player in its space) and consult on social media presence, business plan and other documents, media design, and the like. I am also the founder for two Wikia wikis and a recovering Wikipediholic, remaining engaged with the Wikipedia and other wikis on issues where I can make a difference.

Siliconeer COVER STORY: After the QuakeI have also been involved, writing and editing, in “mainstream” and new media since I left high school. As a journalist, I have been editor of “The Teenager, Pakistan”; a Columnist for “Mag” (an English weekly in Pakistan); and have edited various newsletters, in Pakistan and in the US. Amongst recent publishing credits are “Spider,” Pakistan’s Internet magazine (, and a cover story or two for the Siliconeer ( out of Silicon Valley.

My social engagement includes human rights, social justice, as well as social and political issues of Muslim (“Islamic”) communities in the West and “at home”. A particular focus is both moderate/centrist traditions and alternatives, as well as engagement with Progressive and Left movements and groups.

An involvement and work in the field of new media in activism, of course, is a by-product of my two “lives” above.

I am available to work, help, discuss, and learn by engaging in exciting projects in all the areas mentioned above.