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San Jose Peace Center Event with Safdar Sarki

Safdar Sarki on the Wikipedia
Dr. Safdar Sarki on the Wikipedia

Apologies for the late update, but I recently got the chance to moderate an event at the San Jose Peace Center with Dr. Safdar Sarki organized by one of my primary activist commitments, the Friends of South Asia. [I was not able to provide advance notice because I wasn’t originally scheduled to moderate the event; but Ijaz Syed Saahab had to make an out-of-town trip at short notice.]

You can read the event notice here, and see pictures and a brief write up at Cemendtaur’s  “Karachi Photo Blog”.

This also gave me the chance to continue my effort to help improve coverage of South Asian  issues on the Wikipedia by contributing one of the pictures from that event (taken by Farhan Shahid using my iPhone, actually) to that database. You can see it at right, or as part of the article on him.

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